His youth, great talent and works that precede it by more than fourteen years, makes this exceptional Russian artist one of the greatest and most original young artists in contemporary Europe. His works attract the attention of private collectors from Moscow, Belgium, USA, Canada and England, where they have been exhibited.

Ernesto Torres

Youssoupov has comprehensively compiled paintings that reveal the riches of the Eastern palette. The accelerated beat that the author sets tangles the story into a ball and demands patience. His compositions do not have a classic centre; they are dominated by a storm-like feeling, a strong wind that forces the figures move eternally.

Yelena Yakunina

Ildar Youssoupov does not paint; he allows us to see the soul of a joyful life. He harmoniously reconciles the craziest ideas and delusions. He is simply a great artist. Through his paintings, lithographs and drawings, we can see the heir to the Great Russian tradition.

Stéphane Barsacq

Ildar Youssoupov’s figures, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes tragic, are mixed in a timeless space, painted onto the canvas in a harmony of fiery and irresistible arabesque movement. Abstract in composition and figurative effect, it is 20th century Baroque.


The analysis of the content and the formal aspect of this art indicate a concept that is not only exceptional thanks to the technical virtuosity that defines it, but also thanks to its great conceptual strength.

Ingrid M. Jiménez Martínez

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